The PTA Committee

The PTA organise fun events for the children, parents and teachers at the school. The main purpose is to raise funds for the school to buy important resources that the school would otherwise be unable to buy. This can vary from netball posts to key learning resources. Therefore, all children benefit from the funds raised by the PTA.

A new PTA was formed in September 2018 after the previous long-standing committee stepped down. The new PTA committee members are listed below, however there are many other key members of the PTA (not listed) who provide great support.

The PTA meet every 6-8 weeks, usually in the evening. This is an an open meeting for anyone to attend and find out what we do and contribute where they can. If anyone would like to get involved, please give one of the PTA members a shout. It can be really good fun and rewarding.

For updates from the PTA, dates for next meetings or events, please watch out for our termly newsletter and updates in the schools Friday Forecast. Newsletters and PTA meeting minutes are held in the school office. 


Committee Members: 

 Co-Chairs - Amy Hardy (Year 2 & 4) and Esther Coomer (Year 4)

 Vice Chair - Jane von Benecke (Year 2 & 6)

 Treasurer - Jonathan Harris (Foundation) 

 Secretary - Helen Simmons (Year 2)

Year Reps 2020 
Foundation FS2 - Andree Cantale
 Year 1 - Sarah Gover 
Year 2 - Kelly Lambert & Aimee Whatling
Year 3 - Nina Goulden 
Year 4 - Esther Coomer & Amy Hardy
Year 5 - Paula Alderman 
Year 6 - Angela Keag & Jane Von Benecke