Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Our worship aims to provide our children with varied and rich experiences throughout the year with opportunities to ask and consider big questions. Children and staff are encouraged to explore their spirituality without compulsion to do anything. Our worship aims to be inclusive, inviting and inspirational.


Each week, pupils and staff access worship through: 


  • Whole School Worship
  • Singing Worship
  • Celebration Worship
  • Minister’s Worship
  • Phase/ Class Worship /
  • Space Makers


The worship sessions are led by teaching staff, pupils and a minister from a local church. The ministers are rotated on a half-termly basis. Although we are most closely associated with St Johns, we have close links with other churches too - Airfield Church, Baptist Church, and Emmanuel.

Parents are invited to take part in Collective Worship as we celebrate special services either in school or at St John's Church. These follow the Church Calendar and each phase has equal opportunity to attend throughout the year. Our children lead these services, which are supported by ministers who deliver the learning portion of the worship.

More information about Collective Worship can be found in our Collective Worship Policy


 Withdrawing from Collective Worship

Parents may, if they so wish, request that their child be withdrawn from Collective Worship. If you wish to do so, please inform the Head Teacher so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss any concerns or issues.