Woodley C of E Assessment System (Milestones)


Reporting, Statutory Assessment & Testing

Reading, Writing and Maths

At Woodley C of E we use milestones to assess your children’s’ learning.  There are 3 milestones and it takes 2 years to cover all aspects of each milestone.  We have broken the curriculum down into smaller steps in order for us to measure attainment.  We have also determined what expected progress for a child in each year group looks like to give more information as to how children are progressing.  For example, the expected attainment for a year 1 child would be 1.3.  The expected attainment for a child in Year 2 would be 1.6.   Hence, the expected progress is 0.3 (good progress).  Children making more than 0.3 are making accelerated progress and children making less than 0.3 in a year are not making the required progress (Satisfactory or slow)

There are 3 milestones against which the children are assessed. It takes 2 years to complete the programme of study for each milestone.   They are either working towards a milestone or have met it. 


Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

At Expected attainment

Year 1 = W1

Year 2 = M1

Year 3 = W2

Year 4 = M2

Year 5 = W3

Year 6 = M3