RE - Curriculum Intent

Woodley Church of England Primary School believes that each person is unique and accepted as a child of God and we value the gifts they bring.  

Our aim is that RE will be taught at a high level across the school and that all children will leave Year 6 with an understanding of the main religions and an attitude of tolerance and respect for all people. Using an enquiry-based model (Discovery and Understanding Christianity), children’s critical thinking skills can be developed, their motivation to learn increased, and their knowledge and understanding of, and empathy with people and their beliefs, religious or otherwise, will be enhanced. This approach takes very seriously the philosophy that children are free to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief. RE does not try to persuade but rather to inform and develop the skills with which evaluation can take place 

We aim to foster the following characteristics in our pupils during RE lessons:

• An outstanding level of religious understanding and knowledge. 

• A thorough engagement with a range of ultimate questions about the meaning and significance of existence. 

• The ability to ask significant and highly reflective questions about religion and demonstrate an excellent understanding of issues related to the nature, truth and value of religion. 

• A strong understanding of how the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life within any religion cohere together. 

• Exceptional independence; the ability to think for themselves and take the initiative in, for example, asking questions, carrying out investigations, evaluating ideas and working constructively with others. 

• Significant levels of originality, imagination or creativity, which are shown in their responses to their learning in RE. 

• The ability to link the study of religion and belief to personal reflections on meaning and purpose. 

• A wide knowledge and deep understanding across a wide range of religions and beliefs.  

The school follows 2 schemes of work
Discovery RE - Which covers a broad range of Religions
Understanding Christianity - Which enhances our Christian units of work 
See links below for more information on the schemes:
Discovery RE & Understanding Christianity - Curriculum Progression