The role of School Governors

The aim of the governing body is to support the school and provide school staff with the tools to support children on their journey of lifelong learning.

We have statutory functions to perform each year and the governing body has a responsibility for the conduct of the school to enable children to achieve the high standards that are promoted. Working closely with the Headteacher and the management team, governors take on a strategic role in the running of the school. We agree aims, objectives, adopt policies and targets to achieve these aims.

The governing body monitors and evaluates the progress made by the school and, by acting as a 'critical friend', both challenge and support the school.

The Headteacher  is responsible for the day to day management and organisation of the school and for the implementation of the strategic framework. and is accountable to governors in these responsibilities. Governors are updated at regular meetings thereby keeping them fully informed and up to date.

The governing body delegates their responsibilities to a number of committees which makes the administration of our statutory duties easier. They are:

Teaching and Learning - To support and monitor the teaching and learning of pupils

Finance, Personnel and Facilities - The management of the school budget and employment and welfare issues of staff and the maintenance of the school buildings and grounds.

Collective Worship Committee - work in conjunction with the RE/Collective Worship Coordinator to monitor and contribute to collective worship within the school. The committee also focuses on promoting the spiritual ethos of the school.

Each committee has 4 - 7 members with an elected Chair for each comittee. It is usual for governors to serve on more than one committee.

Woodley Church of England Primary School is fortunate in that many of our Governors have professional skills which enhance the life and work of the school.