Y6 Little Canada 2018

Day One
After a slow start due to traffic, we arrived in Portsmouth at the Historic Dockyard. We were lucky enough to have the whole of Action Stations to ourselves and the children quickly discovered the climbing wall and the assault course. Giant Jenga and ‘4 in a row’ also proved popular. A competition soon developed on the reaction challenge and great fun was had by all.
After lunch, we enjoyed looking around HMS Victory and finding out lots of facts, especially how to fire a cannon-one of the things we found out though was the Royal Navy calls them guns not cannons. A few photos and back on the coach to the ferry terminal.
Our ferry left on time and our crossing was quick and smooth. As the weather was fine, we all had an opportunity to go out on deck and appreciate the views of the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth.
A short coach journey when we got off the ferry and we arrived at our destination. With luggage safely in our chalets, we had a tour of the site before a hearty dinner of either sausages and mash or vegetable curry. We were lucky that the beds were already made for us so we didn’t have to struggle putting in sheets or duvet covers!
Our evening activity was Ambush and the children spent over an hour happily hiding and seeking in the undergrowth around the site, getting more and more tired. They have been learning lots of new songs and are definitely heard before they are seen!
As we write, the children are in their chalets and getting ready for bed. We are confident that when we say “lights out” there will be silence!!! We are looking forward to the activities tomorrow especially the Sensory Trail after the recent rain!
Day Two
After a good nights sleep, everyone woke to a beautiful, if chilly, sunrise. The children got ready quickly and had a good breakfast of bacon and spaghetti plus cereal,toast,etc before returning to chalets to tidy up (sort of!) and get ready for the day.
Today some of us completed the Sensory Trail (apologies for the washing they are bringing back!) and some tried archery, which was popular. We have all played Aeroball (netball on trampolines_ and done some climbing, so hopefully everyone will fall asleep quickly tonight- even the most energetic children found it hard to keep bouncing for 90 minutes! Lots of children managed to reach the top of the climbing wall (approx. 30 foot up) and everyone gave it a go, which was lovely to see. All the children participated fully throughout the day and there was an impressive amount of  teamwork on display throughout the sessions. As usual, our students have been polite and well-behaved and have risen to the challenge of being away from home.
Dinner, being either chicken nuggets and chips, lasagne or vegetable Kiev, was well received and it is nice to see how many children are taking large portions of fruit and salad to eat without being prompted by adults. Today's evening activity is called 'Passport to the World' and the children are currently putting their orienteering skills to good use, rushing round the site trying to find flags and answer questions. Hopefully this will mean we will have another peaceful night as they are all very tired.
Day Three
Another peaceful night, again all the children were asleep fairly quickly. Some children may have been harder to wake this morning than yesterday, but everyone managed to be up and ready in time for breakfast. Sausages and hash browns were on offer, with toast, cereal and porridge available to anyone who wanted it. Unfortunately, the weather was not as kind today and we had to contend with rain which meant everyone digging out their raincoats.
Activities today included quad biking, abseiling, archery and zip wire. Zip wire proved popular and the children enjoyed flying through the air on a wire in a  range of poses. Quad biking also went down well and we were pleased to see how the children took on board all the safety guidance given by the instructors. Abseiling is always a challenge, but the children who tried it today did brilliantly and all felt a sense of personal achievement.
Everyone faced the Challenge Course this afternoon. The children had an amazing time and really showed how good they are teamwork, helping each other to complete the obstacles. Due to the rainfall, the course and ground were all fairly muddy- something we haven't experienced before. All we will say is sorry for the extra washing!
Dinner was curry or chow mien with apple pie and custard afterwards for dessert. Very yummy! We are looking forward to two more activities tomorrow morning, and then of course the ferry and coming home. Hopefully after all the exercise everyone has had today, we will all get a good night's sleep.