Positive Things to Maintain Well-Being
things you could do are:
  • write/email/call elderly relatives or people you know who are isolated
  • look at old photos
  • get everyone involved with the household chores
  • teach children domestic tasks such as some cooking or using the washing machine
  • rearrange bedrooms and have a clear out
  • grow your own vegetables
  • get the beach games out!
  • play with toys
  • exercise
Try to avoid......
  • Loneliness/isolation – having children in their rooms all day will have a negative effect so drag them out, they won’t realise it but they will happier after some activity, usually after they have done it!
  • Siblings arguing – probably had too much time together! Separate and give them time to cool down. We call it ‘time out’ in teaching
  • Over exposure to media reports on COVID-19 to avoid anxiety etc.
Further Useful Websites for Parents
The following websites are best checked by adults for useful information. There are some very useful supporting documents to help with difficult conversations.

Children and adolescent mental health support resource




Self help resources for mental health issues