Y6 Little Canada 2019

Day 1:

After a prompt departure from school at 8.15, we excitedly headed off to Portsmouth with smiles and laughter! We were really impressed with the children’s attitudes towards the start of a new challenge for the whole year group.  

After a calm coach trip, we safely arrived at Action Stations at around 10.30. Firstly, the children explored the top floor, having a go at the Ninja course and various naval activities. We then went downstairs to the climbing wall where many children began their Little Canada trip with a brave attitude towards a new challenge. The group also tried out the infamous reaction challenge in groups of two, threes or individually. All enjoyed aiming for the high score!

Lunch time followed on time, before we headed off to HMS Victory. Groups explored each layer of the ship and many were surprised by the less than comfortable conditions as we went round. It was then time to head back to the coach and to the ferry!

Again, we were fortunate to stick to our schedule and board the ferry on time. The children all spent some time on the top deck as the weather remained dry. For many, this was a first time and everyone faced this confidently.

After another short coach journey, we arrived with cheers at Little Canada. Weather remained on our side as we unloaded and headed down towards Victoria, our chalets. We then spent some time setting our rooms, including looking through chalet packs, making beds and preparing for the evening activity. After a guided tour of the site from our group leader, it was time for dinner!

All children found something they wanted from the selection on offer. These included lasagne, sausages and soup. With full stomachs, we headed off to our evening activity, Ambush. This was a site wide version of hide and seek, with one team finding a hiding space and the other seeking. Despite darkness closing in and tiredness beginning to set in, the group all continued to get involved in high spirits, with those carrying torches essential.

As we write, children are settling down ready for lights out at 10 o’clock. They are all looking forward to beginning a full day of activities including abseiling and archery tomorrow. Looking forward to our next update.


*** Sorry - we know it isn't November! ***

Day 2 - Little Canada


6:30am and the staff rubbed their blurred eyes and began the morning rounds. Some children were not impressed! ‘Such is life,’ we told them and off we trooped for our breakfast slot… 7:20am!

After a hearty breakfast, which the children demolished, they split off into their 4 groups ready to start their first activity by 8:45am. But before they could leave, the dreaded Chalet Inspection required completion. Staff were pleased to see some good efforts had been made with this challenge, although witnessed wet towels on beds and a pile of suitcases blocking access to the toilet… Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Most importantly it was also Lana’s birthday today. Her friends had decorated the inside and outside of their chalet to celebrate this and the attention to detail was well received. Happy Birthday Lana!

The day was then filled with a selection from the following: Archery, Climbing, Abseiling, Orienteering and Aeroball. The children really enjoyed all the activities and is was so pleasing to see how supportive they were to one-another and how much further they pushed themselves when their friends helped.

As we sit here updating the site, the children are running around the site completing an activity called ‘Passport to the World’

All is well and your children are doing fantastically.

More to come tomorrow. Sensory Trail incoming!!!

 Day 3 Little Canada

Getting the children to sleep last night was, as predicted, easier after the children had had such a busy day. Today we were all up and out by 7:20am, leaving it to the very last minute due to some very sleepy slow risers!

And so the final full day began. The weather held well for the morning and all groups gathered together to begin their activities.

Today included: Sensory Trail, Low Ropes, Orienteering, Aeroball, Quad Biking, Zip Wire to name a few.

Diaries were completed after the final shop visit and obviously the children made sure that they spent every penny they had left on some lovely little gifts and took their time to ensure that sweet supplies were well stocked.

This evening has just been spent enjoying a DISCO!!! There were ‘dance offs’, a routine from our street dancers, and ‘The Worm’ from Dylan. It was hot and actually pretty awesome, the children danced the whole time and have now headed off to their Chalets to wind down for bed.

This will be our final update for the week. Let’s hope that the mass tidy-up operation goes well and that our journey home goes as smoothly as possible.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

WCofE Team