Strava PE

Strava PE

We have set up an Infant and Junior Sports Club on a website called Strava.

Strava is a fitness app used for a variety of sports to track your distance, time and pace. We will be using Strava to stay connected with the pupils and to see some of the fantastic things you have been doing to keep active.

When signing up for Strava please use your name and email not your child’s, should they have one. However, when you do an activity feel free to use your child’s first name or initials on the description. The “club” will be private so only members in the group can see your activity.

Strava will put all the children’s activity together each week in a league table. Children can be competitive, but I will also be looking out for children who demonstrate good improvement.

Please note the school has no affiliation to Strava and we are not responsible for how they use your data. Please take the time to read their Terms and Conditions. Signing up is completely optional but we would love to see as many children taking part as possible!

Yours sincerely,

Michael Clare

15.06.20 Update

If you would like to improve your privacy controls on Strava then please follow the instructions below:

1.       Go to the ”profile” section on Strava.

2.       Click on the settings icon (normally in the top right hand corner).

3.       Click on “privacy controls”.

4.       Click on “privacy zones”.

5.       Click on “add a privacy zone”.

6.       Then enter your address or location you want Strava to blur out.

7.       Then set the radius in meters.

 This will then blur out the zone you have chosen on the map part of your activity. Thank you.