Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators are trained during the summer term while they are in Year 5. Once in Yr6
children work in pairs to help solve playground disputes.  They wear bright blue t-shirts when on the playground at break and lunch and take it in turns over the course of a week, so there are always two mediators “on duty” every break and lunchtime on the Junior playground.

If children have fallen out then they can either seek mediation themselves or the Y6 mediators might be approached by any adult on duty at break or lunchtime.  The children are then escorted by the mediators into the Cosy Café where mediation takes place.  This is considered to be a quiet yet informal area where children can take the time to calm down and work through mediation.  The mediators help each “side” to explain their issue and work through problems to  a resolution.

“We help people to make school a nicer place without fighting and quarrels.”

Becky said: “It’s to help people keep friendships strong.”

Adam: “We help people when they’ve fallen out.   We are there to listen, resolve problems and fix broken friendships if we can.”

Hannah: “ Being able to talk about it with someone can help others.”

“The best part is when you see the look on their face when you fix it; no matter what size the problem, big or small. “