Sponsored Child

Enoch is a little boy who lives in a country called Swaziland, in Africa. Enoch doesn’t have parents so he is looked after by a special care home who keep him safe. Other children live in the care home too. Enoch lives in a village called Bulembu where he is taught skills like growing vegetables and helping to look after animals. He also goes to school in Bulembu. Enoch’s name means happiness! He is very confident and likes talking to people. Enoch is a good boy who enjoys making other people happy. He is gentle and sometimes shy and he loves attention and praise. He likes to play with his cars or find treasures for his bedroom. He can now make his own bed and likes to keep his room tidy. Enoch loves sport, especially soccer! At Woodley C of E, we raise money to sponsor Enoch. The money we give helps to pay for his home, education and food. We send Enoch photos and letters which he loves to receive. It makes him happy to know that people are thinking about him. 

Take a look at the video below where you can meet Enoch.