Pupil Welfare

The welfare of all children at Woodley C of E Primary School is of paramount importance. If a child becomes unwell during the school day, we inform parents and ask for the child to be taken home.

Our facilities for coping with a sick child are very limited. Do please make sure you advise us of up to date telephone contacts and addresses as well as any medical matters of which we should be aware. It can be very distressing for a child who is unwell at school when we cannot locate the parents!

Please also be aware any child who has suffered from sickness or diarrhoea should not return to school for a period of 48 hours. This time period may be extended from time to time on advice from the Local Authority.


If your child needs medicine during the day, please deliver it to the school office personally and complete the appropriate medicine request form (this is available from the school office or can be downloaded from the forms section of the schools website.) 

Please make sure that you give clear instructions as to dosage, storage etc.

If you would prefer, you are welcome to come into school to administer non prescription medicines.

Under no circumstances should medicines be retained by children or self administered without adult supervision.