At Woodley CofE we use a variety of schemes to teach phonics as we believe that each product has its 'pros and cons' and our staff are then best positioned to choose the appropriate resource at the appropriate time.
All phonics schemes used and Woodley CofE are drawn from the government document 'Letters and Sounds' Click here to see it. Teachers and Teaching Assistants in the infants work with small groups of children throughout the week. The children are grouped in KS1 according to which stage they are in, rather than what age they are. The children are supported by an adult regardless of which phase they may be working within (P1-6) and teachers use the Letters and Sounds document to plan lessons to suit the needs of the group.
Children use the actions from  the Jolly Phonics scheme of work to help them to learn sounds. Our Foundation Stage department also use Jolly Phonics resources to support the children with learning their letter formation. At the beginning of the Foundation Stage, parents are given the option to attend a phonics workshop (see video here) and information packs are sent out.
Espresso Phonics (a subscription website) is also used to teach the children through engaging videos 
Popular Websites used by staff for phonics sessions: