Home Learning Guide for Isolation, class or school closure

Welcome to the Woodley C of E Home Learning Hub - 2020-21
On this area of the school website, you should be able to find useful information should you need to continue learning whilst your child is not in school. 
Remote Learning Offer

Please see below for our ‘Remote Learning Offer’.  This document details how our different phases have organised their remote learning.  It explains the different websites and apps we are using, how often we plan to have live or recorded lessons and various other pieces of information. 

Learning At Home
- Drawing up a blank timetable and then populating it in advance is a really good way to ensure that your child has an understanding of how much they will have to do each day.
- Make sure you insert breaks and physical activity for all the obvious reasons. Children need to burn off that energy! Time moving improves concentration afterwards, and is good for physical health and well-being.
- Be flexible, the children (and yourselves) are going to find this all very different. Just like at school it takes time to establish good routines and habits.
- Eat together, work alongside each other, talk but most importantly listen
Rewards and Incentives?
A clear positive reward system that everyone can buy into, which is visible to all will help motivate children. These rewards do not have to cost money.
The subsequent areas of this website will hold the minimum expectations of the teachers, but use the other ideas provided too. Think of your own ways to keep the variation. Nobody enjoys the same limited things day in day out. Take advantage of musical activities, art, outdoor learning (if safe to do so).
With all this extra time spent on devices, as parents and teachers we need to remain extra-vigilant.
A piece of advice from our school (particularly for junior children) is to ensure there are times, especially when children are completing work, where they either:
a) Do not have access to their phones
b) You use the screen time function to block out social media tools and games (where appropriate)
c) do not allow phones and laptops in bedrooms in the evenings/around bedtime.
Screens are very engaging and do an excellent job of waking our brains up, often past the point where we really needed to take a break/sleep etc. - enforce these breaks.
This is an unprecidented time, and in a way we are living in an age where we are incredibly fortunate that 'traditional schooling' appears to be able to continue in isolation. But let them connect with others. Let them facetime / video call their friends so that they can work together. Be patient and model to them about balance.
Head over to our E-Safety page to see more helpful links and videos.