Caught you being good!

Caught You Being Good.


Caught You Being Good

The Caught you being good system is to promote the values that Woodley C of E believes in. When a child receives a ‘ticket’ for being caught being good they enter their named ticket into a raffle box which is drawn when their department has their own phase assembly. Obviously the more times you get caught being good the more likely you are to win the raffle. Each week the box is emptied and the process begins again.


A pupil may receive a Caught you being good ticket for the following:


  • Helping someone who has fallen.
  • Walking sensibly.
  • Opening a door for an adult.
  • Helping around school/playground.
  • Being particularly kind/caring.
  • Behaving particularly well.
  • Lining up sensibly
  • Demonstrating the Core Christian values of our school.