Y6 Little Canada April 2022

Thursday 7th April 2022

Day 3 at Little Canada – Sun at last!


Day 3, the final full day on the Isle of Wight, granted us a much-appreciated sunnier and brighter start, and as the clock struck 7am, chalets were awoken once more. After a first full day of activities, the children had slept fairly well overnight, despite the windy conditions!

Following a hearty breakfast and some rigorous chalet inspections, the groups set out on for the day on new adventures which included tackling the Vertical Challenge, Problem Solving, Zip Wire and a trip to the Sensory Trial for the remaining victims in Groups 1 and 2.

Once again, the BRAVE learners from Woodley C of E didn’t let a bit of mud and water get in their way, continuing to impress with their teamwork, attitude and commitment from some to become “the muddiest of them all!”

As the evening rolled in, it was dinner time again. Staff and children were met with a variety of ‘roast dinner’ style options, followed by apple crumble with custard or fruit salad (the deserts were met with the biggest cheers!)

Tonight, the children are running around with torches playing a game of ‘Ambush’ and then we hope they will go to sleep!

 Tomorrow morning will be our final day on the Isle of Wight. We cannot wait to see what a shambolic state their packing is in tomorrow morning, but we will persevere, and then be on our way to the ferry port at approx. 1pm! – We will use the school text communication to stay in touch tomorrow, with a final message when we are 30 minutes away.

 Your children have been a real credit to the school throughout their stay on the Isle of Wight. They have all grown in so many ways and although we are tired, we are grateful that we were able to get them here despite the challenges along the way. We know they are all really looking forward to coming home and seeing you all again tomorrow.

So until then, Thank you and Goodnight.

The Woodley CofE Team

Wednesday 6th April 2022

Day 2 at Little Canada


Day 2 on the Isle of Wight began early for all.


At 7am, chalet doors were knocked and staff were met with a range of responses, some very awake and some not! We were however pleased with how the children all settled down for their first night in their chalets

Despite the blustery start to the day (with rain then adding to this!), everyone was ready for the first full day of activities.

After breakfast, Groups 3 and 4 headed off to the infamous Sensory Trial and, as expected, approached the challenge with enthusiasm, excellent teamwork and perseverance. Despite downpours of a biblical nature, spirits were never dampened, even if they did become much muddier by each passing minute!

Alongside the Sensory Trail the children enjoyed: trips to the Abseiling and Climbing walls, Buggy Building, Problem Solving, Orienteering, and earning themselves ‘holidays’ and ‘pizzas’ with their Archery skills.

Thankfully later in the day the weather cleared somewhat, to more sunny spells for many of these activities.

Before dinner, the group headed to the site shop, where gifts of all shapes and sizes (not just sweets!) were purchased. Children will also get this opportunity again tomorrow if they wish to add to today’s buys.

A much-needed dinner was then enjoyed of chicken, macaroni and cheese and crispy chocolate cake and now, as we type, the children are getting stuck into their evening activity ‘Passport to the World’, where groups are off searching around the site for flag-related facts and pictures.

We hope all the activity of the day will catch up with the children as they settle down in the next few hours for bedtime, but have been really impressed with the attitude, commitment, encouragement and teamwork groups have shown in their activities today.

Let’s hope for more tomorrow, as the other half of the group tackle the Sensory Trial and more adventures await for us all….

Onwards and upwards!

Tuesday 5th April 2022


Portsmouth, HMS Victory and Little Canada!


 Day 1 of our adventure to the Isle of Wight.

 Staff and children were pleased to leave ahead of schedule this morning from school and, as we waved parents, carers and siblings off, spirits were high.

Soon after 10am, we arrived at the Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth. The weather remained on our side as we headed towards our tour of HMS Victory. A range of inquisitive questions followed as we ducked under low ceilings, explored the living conditions for the sailors and marvelled at the size of the hull, ropes and anchors.

Then it was time for lunch (by this point, a highly requested point of the day!). Luckily, we were able to continue to sit outdoors, as thoughts turned towards a first ferry trip for many and the arrival to Little Canada itself.

After a short wait, we headed on board our ferry, with many of the children excited to embark on their first new experience of the week. Sunny conditions met us as we headed out on deck and some windy gales didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves (see photos of the day!)

And then at last, we arrived at Little Canada (to cheers of Hurrah!). The children were introduced to their chalets and made themselves at home by unpacking and organising themselves accordingly – with some mixed results already!

After a tour of the site and some team games to get us settled, we headed off for dinner at 6.30pm. Choices of meatballs, peri-peri chicken, curly fries, garlic bread, sticky toffee cheesecake and lots more left everyone with plenty of choice and full stomachs.

As we write (at 7.30ish!), the children are currently running around the site taking part in their final activity of the day before bedtime and lights out at 10pm, ‘Cluedo’. We hope, from the already weary look of many, they will all settle and sleep well tonight, ready for our first full and busy day tomorrow, with the Sensory Trial awaiting its first victims……

See you all again tomorrow!