Church School

Church School Status

As a church school, we have links with the Oxford Diocese. Their education service runs courses and conferences which are open to staff and governors. We have a Diocesan adviser who visits the school to support us in developing our church school ethos.

We have Voluntary Controlled (VC) Status. This means that our funding comes from the Local Authority. It  determines the number of foundation governors who are nominated by the church - we have four foundation governors.

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Collective Worship

A daily Act of Worship takes place which may be as a whole school, phase and / or classes.

The assemblies are led by teaching staff and every week a special Minister's Assembly is held. Four local Woodley Churches - Airfield Church, Baptist Church, Emmanuel and St John's Church take it in turns on a half termly basis. Parents are invited to take part in Collective Worship and have coffee each half term.

From time to time we also celebrate services in St John's Church as well as attend special services in school led by the Airfield Church.

In Year 6, children take part in presentations on Christmas and Easter run by the RE Inspired Team (Churches Together in Earley and East Reading). They are a registered charity who aim to enhance pupil's spiritual development and religious education enhanced by creative engagement by people of faith in their local community in an educational framework.

Core Values

All children, staff, governors and parents of the school were involved in choosing our core values. We identified the values of love, truth, peace, friendship, freedom and respect. These values are emodied in the New Commandment that Jesus gave us :

John 13:34

'As I have loved you, so must you love one another'.

We use these core values as themes in some assemblies throughout the year.

Withdrawing from Collective Worship

Parents may, if they so wish, request that their child be withdrawn from RE lesson or when Collective Worship is taking place. If you wish to do so, please inform the Governors in writing. If you wish to discuss this with the Headteacher before making a decision, please contact the school.