SumDog is an interactive games website that allows children to practise their mental arithmetic in a fun, games based system. Through the games they can compete with friends in a safe environment and earn ‘coins’ which they can then use in a virtual shop to purchase new items for their online ‘person’. In fact, as a school we have been so impressed with the system that we have recently decided to purchase accounts for the KS1 children too!

As a school we are very keen for children to use the software at home. Our analysis of data last year showed that children who regularly played on SumDog at home made better progress in maths than those who didn’t. Obviously this is a clear opportunity for your child to improve their mental maths skills. Of course, we appreciate that your child may not have regular access to an Internet enabled computer at home so we will be continuing to use SumDog at school to ensure all children can benefit from the website.

In order to access the website your child needs to visit:

Once on the website, they need to click the ‘Login’ button on the top right and then use the login details they have been given in the back of their homeschool diaries.

If you have any problems with SumDog or would like more information about how we are using website such as SumDog in school, then please speak to your child’s class teacher.

To sign up as a parent of a child and view detailed reports on their progress please click the link below