Y6 Little Canada 2017

Sunday 25th June

After a restful night, this was certainly not a day of rest for the children, with a full schedule of activities including Archery, Zip wire, Quad bikes, Jacobs Ladder and Sensory Trail.  Yet again, children achieved more than they ever thought they could and showed tremendous teamwork and spirit.  They demonstrated that even when tired, they were still able to put 100% into all their activities.  Apart from the activities, highlights of the day included their visit to the shop and free time in front of their chalets.  This proved most entertaining with a special performance from Mr Blakely, Mr Miles and Mr Clare trying to get a ball out of a tree. 

We have just returned from the Camp Fire where the children were entertained by PGL staff with riddles, songs and jokes.  In return, the children performed songs, action songs and poems.  All had a lovely time.

The children are now preparing for their final morning here.  Tomorrow they have fencing and abseiling to look forward too. Do not expect the suitcases to be packed perfectly.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday 24th June

After a late night on Friday with the children taking a while to settle down it was an early start to Saturday with some of the children up and ready for breakfast a full hour before they needed to be!  After a hearty breakfast we headed back to the chalets to begin the infamous chalet inspections.  The children rose to the challenge and even Mrs Sharman with her eagle eye found it difficult to find fault with their ingenious storage ideas.  Who knew your children were so tidy?

Then it was off to the activities with the excitement of mud and water at Sensory Trail, testing their heads for heights at Jacobs Ladder and working as a team in Sports games.  A light drizzle did make the activities a little interesting at times but this soon blew away and a dull but dry day continued. It is always fascinating to see how much the children will push themselves when they tackle these activities. 

After lunch Aeroball and Catwalk were the main activities.  Aeroball is always a favourite as the children get so much time on the activity.  It always encourages the children’s competitive spirit and this afternoon was no exception finishing with a quick fire game of Hot Potato.

An early dinner followed and then back to the chalets where the children played with their new purchases from the shop and wrote their diaries.  At the moment they are playing Capture the Flag and will be returning soon hopefully to settle down early in preparation for tomorrow.  We will let you know.

Little Canada Friday 23.06.2017

The trip began well with a speedy getaway from school, waving a fond farewell to parents and staff as we went. We had a trouble free journey, which was extremely well driven by Ray, followed by an early arrival at Action Stations.

We watched an exciting docudrama about the British Navy and then headed into the activity area. The climbing wall proved very popular with many children, as did Ninja Warrior. We have some impressive climbers and jumpers amongst us! Other activities included a helicopter simulator, large jenga and another climbing wall, but this one rotated!

A welcomed lunch was next and then we moved on to the Mary Rose which was amazing. From there we rejoined Ray at the bus and drove to the ferry terminal. This part of the journey proved a little tiresome as a new terminal is under construction and all parking is on the main road! Our expected arrival at Little Canada was 5 we finally arrived at 6.30pm and very grateful that we could eat immediately!

The children then had a little time to settle into their new chalets before enjoying a very noisy and active game of Ambush.

They should sleep tonight shouldn’t they?